The Vision Lady: “Can You Toss Your Glasses Away---Like I Did?”

Listen to Jeannie Fitzsimmons

“If you are stuck with those ‘machines on your face’, explore what is possible, and naturals for your own eyes. Don’t believe a thing I say---find out, and prove it for yourself.”

“I show you how to reverse your glasses RX, and instead of getting stronger glasses or contacts you can reduce the RX. Then learn how to relax and see better every day! It is natural and you can do it, too!”

Welcome and I invite you to sign in and Take the ‘complimentary Pop Quiz’ for your personal vision quotient… then, find out how to relax, how to re-ignite proper vision habits, and gently back-step-out-of-your-glasses!

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Bonus #1 - Interview with Pat Lynch on my new book “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life” Volume 2
Bonus #2 - Enjoy my 70 minute interview with Hale Dwoskin as I launched my online radio show for Women’s Radio.
Bonus #3 - Speaking About God with Dr. Rhoberta Staler

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