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How many of you remember your eyesight being perfect at a former time in your life?  I did, almost all of my students remember.  So, what happened?

After traveling to many cities in the US in the past few years, training in corporations, and working with all kinds of visual distress, the 'joy of relaxed seeing' is the direct experience for my students.  Now I have recently re-located from Austin, Texas, where I had established a practice, to new headquarters in California.

I intend to expand this work of 'natural return to effortless seeing' on a larger scale. In the next few months I will make this work available on radio/TV talk shows, speaking and educating on the elimination of visual stress. The subject is your healthy and happy eyes!

This natural alternative to being 'stuck in glasses' not only removes the deep stress, it restores the natural vibrancy of your eyesight. The result? Your eyes simply become healthier over the long-run. This positively effects those who attend at a very deep level of understanding--at the level of 'cause'.  Once that is understood and the system is un-stressed, great insight also takes place.

Together we demystify this seeming normal habit of getting 'stuck' in 'discs of distortion'. You re-learn to see properly and I am your biofeedback machine.


Today, a staggering 60% of all people in America are unable to function without the use of glasses or contact lenses.  This includes an increasing number of school children, who now wear glasses at a much younger age.  Most of these individuals are resigned to the age-old myth that poor eyesight can't be corrected without the aid of some type of prescription lenses.  But it's simply not true!  I corrected my eyesight back to normal and threw my glasses away.  And now, through the experience of "PowerVision20/20",natural eyesight improvement classes,

I can teach you to do the same.



I teach PowerVision20/20 is a 30-hour experiential and educational vision training based on the work of Dr. William Bates, M.D., a successful New York eye doctor, surgeon and former teacher at Cornell University.  The Bates Method of improving eyesight naturally has been taught worldwide for over half a century!  Bates proved the "facts" about normalizing eyesight - through proper vision habits, based in a dynamic relaxation and alignment of our visual system!
His work continues to be ground-breaking and "seemingly magical" in the 90's, but only because this culture has become so acclimated to the 'quick fix' idea of healing rather than the natural way of healing.  "Imagine if you broke your leg and your physician told you that you had to wear a cast and crutches for the rest of your life.  Wouldn't you get a second opinion?  I did, and now my glasses and contacts are gone!"
Jeannie "Viveka" Fitzsimmons, CNVI, Certified Natural Vision Instructor, used to wear glasses, and just as she was about to succumb to bi-focals, she discovered that eyesight can be improved as easily as any other part of the body.  Her story will inspire you to relax your own system - taking the first step toward healthier, happier eyes!  Headaches, bloodshot eyes, neck pain, light sensitivity, tired, sore eyes at the end of the day, computer strain, and even reading comprehension; all are related to mental eyestrain.  If any of these are familiar to your own experience, don't miss this fun, informative and life-changing experience!  Come see for yourself and find out how you, too, can see better, and become freer and freer of the crutch of glasses.

What is vision training?

   Vision Training is the science of te aching people how to use their eyes more efficiently to see better.  Just like athletes exercise to have stronger bodies, seeing is a skill which is developed through practice, much like walking or talking.

Reducing Visual Stress

Relaxation is the key. Proper and natural vision habits relax and restore flexibility to the muscles around our eyes, causing vision to normalize. Anyone, at any age, can relearn how to see better. Your innocence and playfulness, curiosity and aliveness may be just a "blink of an eye" away. If you want to learn how to see again, without glasses, contacts, or surgery, your system needs to be re-educated.  It is always trying to work for you the way it was intended--the way it remembers--before you began wearing glasses or contacts.  Call today! Let me help you bring your world back into focus, from your heart. The body remembers and seeing is natural.


"Because my colleagues will not accept the facts that I have proven about eyesight being able to be corrected naturally, without glasses, there will be an incalculable amount of human misery in this century."

Dr. William Bates, MD 1860-1931 The Bates Method


Bates continues:

"I do not fear successful contradiction. I have never been able to formulate a theory that would withstand the test of facts, either in my possession at the time, or accumulated later. The same is true of the theories of every other man, for a theory is only a guess or imagine the truth. In the science of Ophthalomology, theories often stated as facts, have served to obscure the truth and throttle investigation for more than a hundred years". Dr Wm. Bates MD, from the forward of his book, "The Cure Of Imperfect Sight Without Glasses", 1920


You can restore and improve vision naturally through re-learning simple methods, and re-integrating natural vision principles proved by Dr.Bates after 35 years of research! Relaxation, re-learning, and using proper habits all day long is the key!


So, how do I know if this is right for me?

Take the pop quiz and find out for yourself!




Answer "YES" or "NO"

Is your vision not a clear as it once was?

Have your eyes recently been a problem?

Have your glasses RX been getting stronger?

Do you dislike wearing glasses or contacts?

Are you worried your eyesight is getting worse?

Do you want to prevent future eye problems?

Do you experience headaches and eye-strain?

Are your eyes overly sensitive to light?

Do you have poor night vision?

Do your eyes sometimes shut down as you read?

Do your arms suddenly seem to have gotten too short?

Is your world getting blurrier every day?

Do you blame age for your vision problems?

Have you become discouraged and given up hope?

Have you been told that there is nothing you can do?

Are you being told that it is time for bi-focals?

Do you find that your comprehension and memory seems worse?

Are you open to re-learning how to see properly?

Are you willing to let the natural wisdom of your body be free

to work for you again?

Does computer work seem to make your vision worse?

Have you had it with the discomfort and cost of the 'crutch' of glasses?



If you answered YES to six or more of the above, perhaps this is a next step for you!


Is vision training new?
    Vision Training has been used for many years.  The American Optometric Association has long considered vision training to be an effective treatment for many eye problems.  For over half a century, clinical research has shown that 85% of those who practice vision training experience significant improvements in their eyesight.
The training lasts a lifetime!
    My approach is devoted entirely to a unique method of improving eyesight by completely natural means, without the use of any type of prescription lenses.  This method is based on the principles discovered by Dr. William H. Bates.  These methods, along with the most effective techniques developed in the last 20 years by the world's leading vision therapists, have been responsible for improving and correcting eyesight for literally thousands of every age group.

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Who can benefit?
    If you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or find that your prescription is getting stronger, this training is for you.  If you have symptoms such as bloodshot or stinging eyes, visual or mental fatigue at the end of the day, neck pain, headaches, difficulty seeing at night, floating objects in your visual field, or find your contact lenses beginning to create discomfort or infections, this training can be of enormous benefit.  Participants report that all of these symptoms are greatly relieved or altogether dissolved once they integrate the natural vision training.  Remember: this training is based on scientific methodology used successfully for decades.  It is not eye exercises!


BENEFITS FOR YOU--Consider This!

With Natural Vision Training,

My Students Can:


See more clearly at all distances.

Eliminate eye fatigue and tension.

Reduce sensitivity to light while driving at night.

Avoid squinting and straining to see.

Read comfortably without blur, strain or fatigue.

Work at computers without eyestrain.

Regain improved depth and spatial perceptions.

Normalize near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye, double vision and more

Improve close-vision problems quickly, activating muscle and accommodation flexibility

Experience increased mental clarity at work and leisure.

Reduce the need for glasses or contacts.

Do any task with more ease and comfort for your eyes

Enjoy increased creativity, and improved balance.

Experience your world with more color and vibrancy.

Reduce your RX rather than increase its strength.

Reactivate your own body's ability to perform better for you.

Improve sports by increasing tracking ability and coordination.

Retrain your eyes to work together with ease and comfort.

Release neck and shoulder tightness, discover a new found relief and flexibility.

Decrease light sensitivity, and reduce over-dependency on sunglasses.

Know you have on-going support and attend follow-ups if you choose.

Discover the many benefits related to thinking, memory, communication, and self-confidence.

Learn the skills required to keep your eyes healthy and vibrant for your lifetime.

Many people now enjoy life without glasses and contacts, and are very happy! I am one of them!







Myth: Everyoneâs vision eventually goes bad. It is a natural part of growing older.

NO! It has nothing to do with our age, rather with the accumulation of mental eyestrain and stress resulting in a visual blur. Then we get on a merry-go-round of wearing glasses or contacts and ö surprise! ö the eyesight continues to get worse!


Myth: I just have bad eyes. There is nothing I can do.

Not true! Just as athletes practice to have stronger bodies, you can practice to have stronger eyes. The idea is simple. Although eyesight is largely determined by genetics, seeing is a skill which is developed through practice, like any other skill.


Based on extensive research by Ophthalmologist Dr. William H. Bates, the workshop teaches the exact habits of the normal eye. You are re-educated to relax and balance your eyes. Bates found, without exception, that once these natural habits were consciously re-established, normal vision returns, allowing you to see without strain. Dr. Bates' first book was entitled, "The Cure of Imperfect Sight Without Glasses", now available is "Better Sight Without Glasses"


The American Optometric Association has a long standing position that vision training is an effective treatment for many eye problems. For over half a century, clinical research has shown that 85% of people who practice vision training have significant improvements in their eyesight.


More about the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement & Dispelling Myth



In this experiential and educational training


The correct habits of the normal eye, experientially.

The theories and techniques of relaxed vision habits developed by Dr. Bates.

How imperfect eyesight can improve and even normalize using relaxed vision habits.

Correct vision habits for watching TV, using computers, reading, driving and speaking to others.

To use sunlight to rebuild light tolerance and reduce light sensitivity.

Improve night vision by understanding how our visual system works from day to night.

To use palming and acupressure to improve circulation and release energetic blocks.

Release chronic tension held in the eyes, neck and shoulders.

Learn to integrate this style of natural seeing throughout your day.

Hear other natural vision improvement doctors talk of their own healing experience.

YOU prove it all every step of the way!


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Fees & Variations of Trainings




Scheduled in Los Angeles and Orange County, Ojai, and Santa Barbara, evenings or weekends

Scheduled once a year in Austin, TX ; Sedona/Phoenix, AZ; Boston, MA; and Santa Fe, NM, as requests demand.

Scheduled in any city for groups of 10 or more people, requirements available upon request

Scheduled in small companies or major corporation with a group of 20 or more: This in- house schedule is most often over a 6-week period, one evening per week, for 4 hours.

I provide a list of Natural Vision Optometrists in the Southern California area for my students attending classes.  This information is given in conjunction with the training for optical support for reducing strength of prescriptions as vision improves.

Specially Focused Trainings Available for Companies are:

"Visual Stress In The Workplace & How To Eliminate It"

"Relaxation While On Computer Can Improve Your Vision"

"Increase Your Company's Productivity Through Improved Visual Skills And Comfort"

"Re-booting Your Brain"

"Experiential Mini-Workshop For Reducing Eyestrain"

"The Sedona Method Release Technique tm--FREEING YOUR STRESS FROM THE INSIDE OUT"

Health and Wellness Special Events: 

These titles and focused topics are also available for guest speaking events.

"Your Body Remembers How To See--Do You?"

"Relax Your Eyesight & Throw Those Glasses Away"

"Why Does Vision Go Bad?"

"For Your Eyes Only--Naturally"

"Proper Vision Habits Are Learned--Let Me Teach You How"

"Relax & See--That Is The Key"




"Vision training is the science of learning to use your eyes more efficiently to see better."


"It is just a matter of time before the world will accept the fact that improving and correcting eyesight is just as natural as improving and rebuilding any other part of the body." ALDOUS HUXLEY author "The Art Of Seeing"









Weekend Intensive Schedule

This regular full training is two consecutive weekends back to back with one mid-week evening for the Night Vision segment of the training. The two weekend design is especially powerful as the 'distortion of the optical trick' called glasses or contacts is off of the eyes (brain) for most of the training time for maximum effect. This intensive format is 30 hours with unlimited follow-up for ongoing integration support. Go to 'What You Will Learn" section for course outline information.

Fee varies according to number of participants.




This training is structured around the busy schedules of traveling executives. It is tailor-made to your vision needs, and your schedule. Hands-on feedback in your work setting, as well as specifics from your personal visual life-style is included. Working in-depth with you to integrate more easily in a busy, active life. Also learned is the experiential process developed by a physicist, a proven stress-elimination technique for inner-stress reduction---perfect for high-achievers on-the-go.

This 24 hours is to be completed within two months in short 4 hour segments. Two follow-up sessions within the next two months is included for checking individual progress. In all cases, students must be back-stepping the strength of their prescriptions for best results, leaving room for vision to gently normalize.

Area range is Santa Barbara to Northern California.

Fee: $2150. per person, plus travel expenses.





Vision 101: Jump Start


This is at the Vision 101 level to jump-start your system as well as provide a training affordable to get you going.  It does not include the deeper levels of personal work, nor the Sedona Method Stress Elimination Release Technique training available in the longer inclusive trainings.  It is simply the ABSOLUTE basics to relax and restore.  It works. Then you can take the more advanced segments at a later time.

Fee is $350.00. Telephone or personal interview required before registration.




This training is 16 hours long and includes more experience, techniques, and education. It can be offered out in nature. Its fun to teach vision training in the woods, by the sea, where there are no obstructions for healthy, happy sight normalizing. Weekend adventures with a group of friends is a great way to improve your eyesight.

Fee is $450.00. Telephone or personal interview required before registration.





Locations vary depending upon group size


This 22-hour, experiential workshop gives you everything you need, including life-time support! Most of what I teach can be easily integrated into daily life without requiring extra time. There are some specific 'vision games' that can accelerate the process if there is interest to do active tasks.

Participants receive personal individual attention, as well as group participation for experiential learning. Everything is proven to you by your own experience throughout the training.


It is taught scientifically and based on the physics of how our eyes function. Since visual blur is not a disease and not hereditary, but a functional problem, you discover that blur is a product of stress. The training is fun, active, and deeply insightful through guided visualization processes which help promote faster learning in our unconscious mind.

The structure of the trainings varies, from evening trainings, over a three week period, to full days during the week, or the two-weekend intensive schedule. The phone interview determines which is best for you. The uniqueness of this particular training is that it includes teaching you a method of stress release that can be used not only for your vision but for any part of your life. It is called the Sedona Method Release TechniqueTM. It gives you a skill of identifying and releasing easily the inner stress that we all hold within that accumulates during our day. This accumulated stress causes not only vision problems but many other stress related physical conditions. It is a powerful tool for you to apply in your life privately within yourself at any moment that its needed.

Fee: $565.00 and the number of participants for this fee is a minimum of 6 students.

I do work with some individuals on a sliding scale basis--determined by phone interview.

Fee: Per person head charge of $75 for group within company training facility. Minimum number is required. For group under 20, charge increases.


'Visual Ergonomics'


We tilt our monitors, use wrist magnets for carpal tunnel, rest our wrists on spongy supports, and buy expensive lumbar-support desk chairs. Still our eyes our exhausted at the end of the day, our neck and shoulders are so stressed we can hardly move and over time we end up with blood shot screaming eyes.

Often what goes along with computer use is stronger and stronger prescriptions, headaches, eye pain, and numbness. This training for your company and your employees improves their health and well-being, as well as the mental relaxation that can be relearned and used as we work. Vision training is a proven scientific practice that relieves eye strain and normalizes eyesight.

Options: "Removing Your Computer Stress" three-hour on-site seminar---morning or afternoon

On Site Company Training--20+ participants, training for employees which includes

practical experiential applications of principles for visual stress elimination, natural

skills for relaxed seeing, physics-based training for computer eye-strain problems,

on-going follow-up on monthly basis if requested, to improve productivity,

integration, and track progress of participants. Relaxation is the key!

Fee is to be determined: (7 weeks for 3 hours each segment) 




Training Fee Payment---Guidelines and Policies:


A phone or in-person consultation interview is required in advance for each participant


A 50% deposit is due upon formal registration and serves to hold your space. Note: Since the fee rate is often dependent upon the number of committed participants, it is a non-refundable deposit, but can be applied to future class if a personal schedule conflict or change is required.


Balance is due prior to the start of the first training segment. No refunds, only transfer to future classes if schedule is interrupted due to emergencies.


Payment can be made by check, money order, or cash. Note: Credit cards are no longer accepted--however cash advances on a card is an option for those wishing to use a credit card.

Checks or money orders are made payable to: Natural Vision Improvement Center


Discounts are available for senior citizens, students, and couples attending together. For those needing payment plans, or sliding scale fees, this is pre-arranged on a per case basis.


For company trainings, fee/payments practices may vary, depending on Health & Wellness policies. Fee is to be determined when training is contracted. Some companies rebate to employees for health practitioners.


Special Instructions:

If you are wearing corrective glasses or lenses, a copy of your current eyewear RX is required at the time of registration. It can easily be obtained upon request. Please keep any former prescriptions you may have from before, as often students back-step into weaker glasses during the training. An eye exam from an open-minded optometrist is needed to reduce your prescription to allow your vision room to normalize. This is part of our initial interview discussion. Note: Remember, I have optometric referrals available understanding and trained in natural vision care.


If you have a serious vision condition, you must be under the care of a physician. If there are special needs for drugs, drops, or past surgery, these must be revealed prior to training during the initial interview process. No person who has had a 'sun seizure' will be accepted as a student.


No Previous Surgical Procedures Allowed

The Natural Vision Improvement Center does not instruct those who have had invasive surgical procedures such as RK, PRK, Lasik, or Laser Surgery. Although many students have had marked improvement, there is no way of knowing how natural techniques will effect eyes already changed externally from irreversible experimental surgical techniques.


This 'Bates Method and beyond' approach is holistic, natural, and has no side-effects, except improved vision, relearning through experiential understanding, re-integration of proper vision habits, and deep relaxation. It works at the level of 'cause', not at the external, superficial level of altering or treating the symptom. All surgery, glasses, and contacts address the symptom only. (Should you wish to attend after any of these operations, knowing that vision could even become worse, it can be discussed and then decided on a case by case basis. A form must be signed for taking personal responsibility for unknown results)


Occasionally, after a traumatic head injury, the eyes need to re-learn and some benefit can come from re-learning and the inherent relaxation proper visual habits provide. Again, being under a physician's care is essential in special cases.


Ortho-K is non-surgical and those using this therapeutic technique may attend.


Those who wear contact lenses exclusively, must be warned that the eyes, once relaxing with proper vision habits, will 'throw those lenses out'. The best, most successful results for students, comes from the ability to remove glasses frequently during vision normalization,. The addiction to the contacts is removed by one's own body, often sooner than a student may be emotionally ready, therefore, to be willing to wear glasses and 'wean off' of contacts is imperative for best results. Those who insist on staying full-time with contacts have very slow changes.



An On-Going Support Policy


Relaxation, like stress, is accumulative. Over time the body learns to re-integrate what is natural.

Once an individual has completed the entire training, they can participate in any final group class segment as a follow-up, at no additional charge. This is to support your integration back to relaxed seeing. As each person's visual stress is reduced and eliminated in their own time, attending follow-ups is advised and 'highly beneficial' for deepening of the natural vision habits at the unconscious level. Since vision is 9/10 mental, gradual improvement is greatly supported from occasional follow-ups.

There is no fee for follow-ups, however for a private session, a sliding fee, hourly rate between $85 and $110 is available--travel considerations effect fee rate.

Long distance phone consultations are available at an hourly fee of $95.00, most often it ends up being 90 minutes for that fee.


Want An Introductory

Two-Hour Evening Event?


This is a great way to find out about this work and learn if natural vision training is for you or your company. Arrange an experiential presentation. Fee is based upon number attending, and cost, if any, of location in which it is given. What is your eyesight worth?

   To register, simply email me here for more info.



A letter from Joyce Scott


(Will be updated soon)


About Dr. Bates

    Dr. William H. Bates was a well-known physician, surgeon and eye specialist who made one of the most remarkable discoveries in medical history: poor eyesight can be improved and, in many cases, completely normalized through a simple process of eye education.  He held degrees from Cornell University and from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, and practiced at the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital as well as several other hospitals in New York.  He spent over 45 years in research on improving eyesight.  The Journal of the Allied Medical Association reported that his best-selling book, The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses was "perhaps the most revolutionary statement on opthamology published in the last fifty years."

Dr. Bates discovered an important truth concerning vision - vision is 90% mental and only 10% physical.  This revolutionary discovery disproved the theory that poor eyesight is a physical disability of the eye.  Vision is actually a mental process and nearly all vision problems are simply the result of an unconscious mental strain to see.  Dr. Bates revealed a simple solution - release the strain and re-educate the person in a relaxed way of seeing.  He developed a series of specialized techniques and found that, without exception, normal vision was restored when these techniques were followed.

More about Dr. Bates and Dispelling Myths



"Because my colleagues will not accept the facts that I have proven about eyesight being able to be corrected naturally, without glasses, there will be an incalculable amount of human misery in this century."


- Dr. William Bates, M.D.



Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons, CNVI, LCT

    In the 1980's, after wearing glasses for several years, Jeannie Fitzsimmons attended a class at a vision school in Los Angeles, CA.  This class enabled her to restore her natural vision and throw her glasses away.  This experience was so empowering that it became her life's work to teach, educate, write and promote "a natural return to sight".  She is 100% dedicated to her students and their success.

Director and Certified Natural Vision Improvement Instructor

Director and Founder of Natural Vision Improvement Center of Austin teaching nationally--as well as seen on TV and as a guest on talk-radio shows

about health and wellness.


Certified Light & Color Balancing Practitioner

Certified Bates Method Instructor - Certified from the

Natural Vision Center of San Francisco, Tom Quackenbush - Director

Second Certification for Light & Color Therapy - by Dr. Jacob Liberman, O.D.

Vision Training Mentored by Dr. Robert Brooks, O.D., Tucson, AZ

Producer of public access T.V. show for ACTV Public Television, Austin TX: "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY": Natural Vision Improvement

Certified Sedona Method Release Technique tm Instructor

Certified Lovestream, Drisana, Radiant Touch, Reiki Practitioner

Composer/Producer of vibrationally healing acoustic flute music for Lotusheart Music





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For More Information:

Natural Vision Improvement & Training from

269 S Beverly Drive #1139

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


E-Mail Us at:



Be Seeing You!




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